Porn Videos Tube That Brought Us Together

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I guess that you could say that my husband, Robert, would be more excited to be able to say that the sex tape that brought us together was mine. However, the truth is quite different and the tape was actually a sex movie that we both seen on porn videos tube. The story goes like this: I have to admit that I’m a sucker for porn and that I enjoy watching the amateur sex videos (Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Larissa Riquelme and Lady Gaga). When I was visiting my friend at his cabin a couple of years ago, I brought my laptop with me to relax and to play with myself when I catch the opportunity.

The only problem was the fact that I thought I was the only one who would be using the cabin that weekend. Thinking so, I waited to start with my favorite fun until the evening. I warmed myself up with a glass of wine, and I turned on the amateur videos tube. I picked the xxx porn video of an amateur couple fucking, and I watched it for a while. I had my robe on, and I had my trusty dildo by my side. I never go on a journey without it. I loved the fact how the couple on the video seemed natural and real. I usually detest the staged porn, and that is why I prefer this type.

I watched the video, doing nothing, all until I felt the tingling sensation in my lower tummy and some moist in my panties. That was the sign that my fingers needed to come down there and inspect the situation. Once I touched my pussy, I sighed with pleasure since my finger slipped inside momentarily. My hungry twat was all ready for some serious action, and I dropped my robe, which left me completely naked on the couch.

With the milf sex video in front of me, it was easier for me to imagine that I’m having great sex as I started sliding the dildo in. It felt so great to feel the dildo filling my twat. That hot and sticky feeling of fulfillment once the whole thing is inside me makes me lose my mind. That is why I wanted to feel it again and again and began jamming the thing faster and faster.

What I didn’t notice until then was a guy standing behind me, watching the whole thing. That was Robert. He was already in the cabin when I came, but he was asleep and I didn’t notice him. He didn’t want to interrupt my little session, but he decided to jerk off for himself at the same time, watching me from behind.

At last, I came really hard, feeling how my twat contracts around the dildo inside me and fell down on the couch. Then I heard a loud moan as Robert came also. I jumped and got really terrified! There was a strange man cumming behind me as I was masturbating! It was hot and disturbing at the same time. Robert kept his cool and explained the situation. And the rest is history. You can watch that porn videos at!

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